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Episode #40. Marija Musja – Wednesday 31 March 2021

For this new episode I am delighted to speak with Marija Musja, human rights advocate and founder of Empowerment Lab.

Empowerment Lab is a hub for young girls aged 12-18 years old to explore the thriving world of digital technology by playing with different digital tools. Online courses are offered in various areas such as Digital Art & Design, Data Science, Game Development, Programming, Storytelling – and much more. Thanks to the classes and community, students learn important digital skills while also discovering career fields that resonate with their personality and interests.

In this episode Marija explains why she founded Empowerment Lab and how she assessed educational needs in relation to both digital and creativity. She shares her vision on why the latter is key and the upcoming projects she has with this great venture.


To follow Marija and discover Empowerment Lab:

Educational systems are structured in a way that we grow out of our creativity. I believe creativity is important and it should be equally valued as any other traditional subjects in school.

Creativity is one of the core skills of the future job market. But it will take ages for educational systems to adapt and bring creativity into our school programmes.

? Marija Musja – Episode 40

Photographies Marija Musja – All rights reserved

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Episode 40