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Episode #30. Arman Anatürk – Wednesday 13 January 2021

For this new episode I am delighted to speak with Arman Anatürk, the co-founder of FoodHack.

FoodHack is an independent community-driven platform that highlights and connects food entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe. Their goal is to make it easier for purpose-driven food founders to access the resources, network and knowledge they need to successfully launch and grow their business. As such, FoodHack runs both local and global events, and provides industry insights in the form of digital content.

In this episode Arman explains why and how he created FoodHack, going back to his first steps into the entrepreneurial world and his arrival in Switzerland. This is the occasion to learn more about FoodHack’s activities and business model, while Arman shares with us the does and don’ts of building a strong and sustainable community. Don’t worry – we talk about food too of course, as we discuss the future and hot topics of the industry.


To follow Arman and discover FoodHack:

Moving forward, the trends that will grow are related to products that help our health and the planet.

In particular this year we have been looking at alternative proteins, especially plant-based and cell-based products.

? Arman Anatürk – Episode 30

Photographies Arman Anatürk – All rights reserved

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Episode 30